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22 Mar The Garter Toss…

At weddings single women get super excited to catch the bouquet.  A car company even made a weird superbowl commercial showing women catching the bouquet with similar enthusiasm of Odell Beckham Jr. catching a football.  For some reason, when it is time for the opposite wedding ritual, the groom throwing the garter to single guys the enthusiasm is not as high.  This seems strange given how much guys stereotypically like to throw and catch things.  At weddings these days, guys seem to actually dodge the garter.  Perhaps a man will make a snappy tune that gets men to the dance floor to catch it similar to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’?  What does this say about the state of relationships that women want to catch bouquet and men don’t seem interested in the garter.  Does it mean that women want to be in relationships and men don’t?  Or is it just not cool for men to showcase in public that they want to be in a relationship?

What do do you think would be a good song to get men to the dance floor to compete for the garter?

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20 Mar The 4Cs of Relationships interview on the WURD UP Radio Show

Philadelphia Radio Show Host Gregory Nesmith interviews me about my response to the Elite Daily article on Dating Purgatory.  The content of the show is great and The 4Cs of Relationships interview begins at around minute 37 of the hour long show.

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18 Mar What Happens After Cuffing Season?

I recently moderated a fun panel discussion including Barrington the Bachelor, Renita the Relationship Expert and Torian the Married Guy on the 4Cs of Relationships as it pertain to cuffing season.  Cuffing season is defined as follows: “During Fall and Winter people who would normally rather be single find themselves desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a relationship (or in some form of organized companionship). The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become more open to being cuffed.”

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