07 Nov 5 Reasons Why I Wear My Boyfriend’s Sweats

5. Because they are made better than mine: Clothing manufacturers must know that men are harder on clothing than women so they make men’s clothing much more durable. I honestly believe that men would ruin a garment made at the standard of women’s clothing before they left the store.  So yes, I like to wear his sweats because they are heavy duty.  So if I’m gonna do something that requires durable clothing, I’m reaching for his!

4. Because they are warmer than mine: Again, men’s clothing is just made better. So if I am actually wearing a hoodie or sweats for the purpose of staying warm, I will grab his.  Come to think of it, his socks are also warmer than mine, hmmm

3. Because he left them here: If he didn’t want me to wear them, he should’ve taken them with him. I think he leaves his stuff around my house for a few reasons.  Part of me feels like it is some sort of instinctual dog-marking-territory sort of thing.  But I also recognize that having his stuff here enables him to be comfy when he comes over.  He must also want me to wear them.

2. Because I can: My boyfriend happens to be slim and I am curvy, but just like in the Color Purple with Harpo and Miss Sophia when Celie made pants for them, somehow they fit! And because they are men’s pants, they are completely shapeless and therefore don’t judge me or my waist for eating a little more than usual. They fit like a big and roomy blanket that was sewn together in a way that enables me to move around the house easily! Also, I’m an entrepreneur who usually works from home, therefore his sweats are more times than not my working from home wardrobe.

1.Because they smell like him: This is super sappy but yes, his clothes smell like him. Like not in a nasty, just worked out kind way.  But like he just threw this hoodie on over his clothes and it picked up a hint of his cologne mixed with his essence.  Cue butterflies and harps, LOL!

So I wear his sweats because it is basically like getting a full body hug from a super cozy and warm, durable blanket that smells like my man.  Yep, I’ll go for that!


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