The necessary spark that signifies interest and attraction. It is integral for a relationship to begin. The common misconception is thinking the spark is all you need.


The objective and subjective ways in which your life and be life system align with the person with whom you are considering building a relationship.


The situational elements that impact your relationship. While they tend to comprise obvious barriers, the good news about circumstances is that they can change.


The conscious decision to be present in your relationship. It is a daily commitment that enables the relationship to grow and sustain over time.

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This book is not about analyzing a person or yourself.  It is about the journey of the intangible yet all important third entity that is the relationship.  It will force honesty from both individuals when assessing where the relationship is, where it is not, and most importantly—WHY.


Author Bio

B. Yvonne Lee is a daughter, sister, aunt, and friend.  A marketing professional by trade, her career has literally taken her all over the globe and back again!  As such, Ms. Lee  developed a love for domestic and international travel and experiencing different cultures.

Living, working, and dating across cultures required her to make some significant life adjustments and develop a healthy level of curiosity and respect for the local way of life. This process of developing as an individual while learning to appreciate cultural differences and remaining true to herself, planted the seeds for the 4Cs of Relationships framework.

Ms. Lee, a graduate of Florida A&M University’s School of Business and Industry, enjoys a life full of excitement in New York City.

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There are plenty of stories and blog posts about fairy tale love and loads of serious marriage counseling books.  The 4Cs of Relationships is neither.  This book is intended to start a dialogue that will help people assess their relationship, dare I say it…objectively.  Is it good? Is it unhealthy?  Is it where I want to be long term, why or why not?  The 4Cs gives couples a common lexicon for important discussions that may otherwise be awkward while in the dating phase of their relationship.

Reviewers have mentioned that the 4Cs relationship decision-making framework, while quite academic in approach, is sensible and relatable.  Take the first step in starting a real dialogue with your partner and circle of friends about the makings of an awesome relationship. Get your copy today!

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